CFA Level I

Topic Study Notes
Exam Weight: 15%
1. Ethical and Professional Standards
Quantitative Methods
Exam Weight: 12%
2. Basic Concepts
3. Application
Exam Weight: 10%
4. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
5. Macroeconomic Analysis
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Exam Weight: 20%
6. FRA: An Introduction
7. Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements
8. Inventories, Long-lived Assets, Income Taxes, and Non-current Liabilities
9. Financial Reporting Quality and Financial Statement Analysis
Corporate Finance
Exam Weight: 7%
10. Corporate Governance, Capital Budgeting, and Cost of Capital
11. Leverage, Dividends and Share Repurchases, and Working Capital Management
Portfolio Management
Exam Weight: 7%
12. Portfolio Management
Equity Investments
Exam Weight: 10%
13. Equity Investments: Market Organization, Market Indices, and Market Efficiency
14. Equity Investments: Analysis and Valuation
Fixed Income
Exam Weight: 10%
15. Basic Concepts
16. Analysis of Risk
Exam Weight: 5%
17. Derivatives
Alternative Investments
Exam Weight: 4%
18. Alternative Investments

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